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Why Choose Us

Hollywood Data Recovery

Expert data recovery services from trusted data recovery and protection company Hollywood Data Recovery.

Data recovery expert companies are available in large numbers. Then why should you go only for Hollywood Data Recovery's data recovery and protection services?
Let us explain why we are the choicest provider in data recovery:

Data recovery experts give you your data back in no time:
Hollywood Data Recovery's technicians can recover the most difficult to extract data in no time. Our experts make use of sophisticated technology backed by a huge volume of resources and that puts us a step ahead when it comes to speedy data recovery.

Data recovery under strict confidentiality:
Hollywood Data Recovery considers confidentiality the hallmark of the expert. We maintain strict confidentiality with our clients' data.

High resource success rates:
We boast of a remarkably high data recovery success rate of over 90%. Thanks to our reliance on sutting edge technology and drive to refurbish skill sets, we have won in places where other companies gave up on data recovery!

Non recovery is not charged:
We succeed in recovering data 90% of the time. If we are unable to do so inspite of the maximum effort, which is again a rare occurrence, we don't charge you a single penny.

Excellence in customer services:
Data recovery is hardly a one sided process. We say this because we know you are worried over crucial data loss when you approach us. While our technical data recovery experts are on the job, out customer service personnel keep making assuaging calls to put you out of worrying.

We serve a global clientele:
We have never disappointed an overseas customer till now! We take pride in servicing all customers irrespective of where they are located in. Recovered data is confidentially and safely restored into the owner's hands as fast as possible. A large base of satisfied customers, including businesses and individuals vouch for our high quality data recovery services.

We specialize in all major hard drive manufacturers:
Data recovery on hardware from all major manufacturers, including but not limited to:

Western Digital

Iomega and more.

We specialize in most operating systems and platforms:
Data recovery expertise extends to operating systems and more:


Novell and more.

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