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RAID Data Recovery

How is a RAID recovery different from a single drive recovery?

RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives) in most cases is a series of hard drives working together as a single volume or container. The benefits of this type of configuration are that it is fault-tolerant and quicker to access than a just single drive; However, when the array has issues and fails it is a much harder process to recover data from because now multiple drives (except RAID 1, or Mirror) contains the data structures.

Most Common RAID Failures:

Multiple drive failure at once, re-initialization of RAID array, configuration lost and or controller failure, etc.

RAID Data Recovery

Seek Expert Help Immediately:

Even more critical than a single drive recovery the less “do-it-yourself” attempts to recover the RAID means typically a more successful recovery. RAID controllers have the ability to easily re-initialize the array even when just powering on the system and answering “yes” to update settings. Unlike a single drive this process could actually aggravate the recovery process and make it unrecoverable unless the previous array parameters can be found the data could be lost.

Recovery Process:

First our experts will create bit4bit disk image of each drive before taking any further steps. This enables us to contain the damage and recover maximum results. Then a full evaluation will start determining what needs to be done to recover the data structures. This can be anything from determining the stripe parameters from the drive headers and re-striping the array and extracting data sets (controller failure) or more significantly manually working on the hex code within the array to reversing the damage that may have been written to the drives (re-initializing the array).

RAID Pricing / Time Frames:

Standard: $100 eval fee* per drive / Price starts at $500 per drive/ Eval Timeframe* 2-4 business days
Priority: $250 eval fee* per drive / Price starts at $1,000 per drive / Eval Timeframe* 1-2 business days
*Timeframes are average times only and depend on the situation.
*Fees are not applied towards the final recovery cost.

Recovery pricing starts at $500 per drive depending on the amount of bench time and engineering time needed to perform the recovery. As with all our jobs a full written quote will need to be approved before moving forward. If your data cannot be recovered you owe nothing more than the eval fee guaranteed!


Be confident our team of RAID experts working on your failed RAID 0, 1, 1+0, 5,10 will recover your data and return it just as soon as possible. Our team of technicians has the skill sets and the tools needed to recovery your RAID first time!

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